Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm a Knight!

All right, Blunder Prone has dubbed me a knight!  Of course, I'm not on a list anywhere, so I'm like a secret knight, or a knight everyone's ashamed of, so they don't talk about me.  I have to ride a mangy pony and follow behind the others.  If you know anything about horses, this isn't an optimal location.

But I'm a knight!  Chess Tactics for Students arrived today.  Boy did I get what I asked for - it is very easy.  That's fine, although it's hard to do the puzzles at a fast clip, while avoiding all the hints it gives you on every problem.  I scoured the internet for a PGN collection for this book - no luck.  Maybe I'll input a few every night after I'm done with my Circles training...  Ugh.  Maybe not.  I'll figure out something.

The book really looks great for elementary school chess kids.  Well done.

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