Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My pulse

Funny, it's a year later and my nemesis just kicked my butt again.

I've been back at it.  I actually use chess to reinvigorate my mind for another hobby.  So when I stray from chess it means I feel my mind is invigorated and I'm pursuing a wonderful goal!

I'm dedicated to the skill of mastering tactical chess puzzles.  It's my massive deficiency, and thinking in these terms orients my focus and time properly. 


Chessimo Restarted, but abandoned.  I'm not quite as big of a fan anymore, although it is a good product.  It shouldn't start with mates.  Also, when you have a 150 problem set to grind through, it's too easy to mash buttons, only half knowing the continuation.  I will go back to this someday, because it still is a handy product. When doing mates in Bain and Hays, it's obvious I gained skill from Chessimo.

Bain: 4 Circles.  With my Android tablet and the wonderful Scid on the Go, I can knock this out casually in a weekend.  I'll do another one in a few weeks.  I love Bain.  So easy, so foundational.  Nobody learning should skip this.  It's easy in a productive, embed-it-in-your-brain way.

Hays .2 Circles.  Many of these are difficult, and I'm humbled/iliated by that.  My brain feels like half-dry concrete.  Is it age?  Health?  I like to study chess because I believe I'm poorly geared for it - it hits all my visual/spatial weak points, and sometimes that can make chess cool and anxiety-free.  But wow, I am so bad.

Chess Tempo is in the mix.  It's just bonus material right now, but it will serve as my skill assessment tool for my initial goals.

Largely, I've gone full circle and I'm leaning back towards printed books.  I do wish they wouldn't put the answers in the back.  That's stupid.  Put them in the footnotes of the next page.

I am so bad. My goal is to not be tactically bad.  That's not overly ambitious, I think.


I'm still in the same state.  I'm compiling a future repertoire, but I'm resolute about not training yet.

I'm leaning away from gambits.  Beginners play other beginners.  It's demoralizing to give away a pawn to another beginner, and then not have the skill to do anything with the compensation.  I don't need that headache. Especially in attacking openings, there are enough beginner mistakes being made to offer plenty of free 'compensation' to the improving player.  I look forward to learning the strategy of attack in the future, and gambits might roll into my repertoire like a storm.

I'm leaning towards white king pawns that feature an early f4, and have structural similarities.  It turns out this search duplicated a lot of Bangiev's white repertoire.  Thank you, IM Alexander Bangiev.  So, GPA, f4 Vienna, possibly 2.f4 French and 2.f4 CK ("The Till Attack!").  Yeah, unsound yadda-yadda.  Got it.


Nothing yet, and nothing for a while.


Nothing yet, and nothing for a while.  I'm really looking forward to this phase.  I'm not hopeless in this area; I know the basics as well as any beginner should.

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